Master the GRIND provides high-quality training to athletes, coaches, parents/guardians, and youth-based organizations. Experience interactive and thought-provoking trainings that will take the "guesswork" out of cultivating optimal performance on and off the field.


Master the GRIND team members are available to coach coaches, youth mentors, administrators and teachers. Experience coaching that equips you prepare young athletes, especially Black males, to walk in excellence and thrive as they grow through life’s challenges.


Master the GRIND provides short and long term consulting to athletic directors, site leaders, head coaches, program directors and others engaging in transforming the lives of youth through sport.

Master the GRIND trainings titles include:

  • Why I play?
  • Why I coach?
  • "I don't care" - Motivating the unmotivated
  • Getting in their head: Conversations that matter
  • Why athletes quit?
  • Managing the moment: Keys to greater concentration and focus
  • Thriving as a scholarship student-athlete
  • STRESS: fight | flight | freeze
  • Navigating hard nosed coaches

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